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The new Chris Richards and the Subtractions record "Peaks and Valleys" is now available!

Available on CD, limited Red Opaque vinyl and digital download.

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Also available at Jam Recordings, Kool Kat Musik and Amazon - also can be streamed on Spotify - Just have at it people!

All tracks recorded at Reed Recording Company in Bay City and lovingly produced Andy Reed and Chris Richards.

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Please be sure to check out of first two singles off Peaks and Valleys 

The Coast Is Clear (YouTube stream)

Maybe That's All (You Tube Stream)

We're pleased and very excited to officially release our third installment of the That Covers That by Chris Richards and the Subtractions digital series "3Peat - That Covers That (3)" - featuring a few covers that have seen an official release over the last two years- and a few recorded just for this project. This time round we selected tracks by such luminaries like Elvis Costello, The Kinks, George Harrison, The Rolling Stones and Cheap Trick.

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We're beyond pleased to announce the UK vinyl release of A Smattering Of Mystery And Sound on Sugarbush Records (available mid November). Featuring newly remastered (for LP) tracks from 2004's Mystery Spot, 2009's Sad Sounds of the Summer and two brand new Subtractions tracks- recorded for this very release. We will have a few copies of the very limited edition Yellow Vinyl - be on the look out!

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Be on the lookout for the debut self titled LP/CD by the Legal Matters (featuring Chris Richards/Andy Reed/Keith Klingensmith) coming out in June 2014 on Futureman Records/Blunk Street.

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And from the land of the Subtractions...We're beyond excited to announce that Sugarbush Records (UK) will be releasing a collection of Mystery Spot and Sad Sounds of the Summer tracks on an LP (color and standard black) called - A Smattering of Mystery and Sound in the summer (July/August) featuring two new Subtractions recordings (Call Me Out and In a Sense). More news soon!

That Covers That 2 - Electric Boogaloo - FREE ALBUM download is now available!


2012 was a grand year for the Subtractions with the release of Get Yer La La's Out earlier in the year...and now the masses have spoken. GYLL's has appeared on many Year End Best Of lists!

and we're gushing with pride...

Power Popaholic Top 30 Power Pop albums of 2012 (#6)
Alta Tension Foro-Pure Power Pop (#15  on the Top 100 list)
John Borack's Top 20 in Goldmine (#19)
David Bash Top 125 - (#22)
Absolute Power Pop (#19 on the Top 100 list)
Power Pop Action (Spain) #9
Audities Year End Best Of List (#35)
Pop Fair (#19 on the Top 25 list)
Pop Underground (#9 of thier Top 25)
Pop Dreams- radio show (France) (#3 on thier Top 10)
Power Pop Academy (Japan)- (#4 on the Top 10 list)
Gary Pig Gold's Top 12 of 2012
The Power Pop Show's Year End Best Of (#5)
Now This Rocks! Best of 2013
Som do Dias (Brazil Radio Show) Year End Best Of List
Power Pop Station (Brazil Radio Show) Year End Top 50
Ice Cream Man- Power Pop and More (#26)
Musings of a Curious Mind (#10)
Shock Pop (Best Songs of 2012- I'm No Saint)

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Get Yer La La's Out  CD, LP and Digital Dowload (available in our store right now)


The press has been streaming in...

"Get Yer La La's Out rocks harder than its predecessor; this is still a pop album first and foremost, but the punch of the performances and the bark of these melodies is tougher, and clocking in at just under half-an-hour, this album makes a virtue of concision, delivering ten portions of high-energy guitar-centric bliss with spirit and panache, and then clearing out before they can be accused of wearing out their welcome. Simply said, Chris Richards & the Subtractions have made two top-notch albums in a row"
All Music Guide 3 1/2 stars

"Chris Richards And The Subtractions new record – Get Yer La La’s Out – is chock full of the tasty hooks and melody you’ve come to expect from this Detroit trio. It’s no surprise that the songs are great and served up on top of a thick bed of jangly-but-edgy guitars and the harmonies are all sweet and “oooooh”-ey. What is surprising, though, is that they’ve actually one-upped their last effort – 2009’s brilliant Sad Sounds of the Summer"
Motor City Rocks

"The Subtractions new record is a stunning display of power pop dynamics, the kind of record that never lets up, one churning popper after another like Meyerman or The Turnback"
Pop Geek Heaven - 4 1/2 stars

"Chris Richards is one of the Midwest’s finest power pop stars and he continues to dazzle us on Get Yer La La’s Out. Both veterans, bassist Todd Holmes and drummer Larry Grodsky join in the fun. On the opener “Don’t Do Anything Tonight” is rich in jangling rhythm, driving melody full of memorable hooks. Fans of REM, Tommy Keene, Sloan and Teenage Fanclub will gleefully soak it all in"
Powerpopaholic - 9 out of 10 stars

"Get Yer La La's Out is the slightly more assertive yin to Sad Sounds' brighter, goes-down-easy yang. With ten (or eleven if you take the vinyl route) short but sweet nuggets, Richards proves once again he's a thoughtful steward of quality control. This time out, the band have created an album that's just as much Buffalo Tom and Dillon Fence as it is Matthew Sweet and Velvet Crush. La La's... is guitar pop perfection on a stick, without any of the cotton candy fluff"
Wilfully Obscure

If you haven't already, be sure to download the free That Covers That Vol 1 (Deluxe Edition) featuring 10 covers (Beatles, Big Star, Tom Petty, George Harrison, The Who and the Left Banke)


Get Yer La La's Out- is also available from these fine partners  (JAM, Kool Kat, CD Baby and ITunes)

Chris Richards and the Subtractions

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